Unlock Your Door’s True Potential

Pictured: Level Door Lock Set

Feeling secure in your home is one of the most important aspects of being a homeowner. Something as small as the lock on your door can increase the level of security in your home and put your mind at ease. As an essential part of your home, selecting the right locks for your doors has become more important than ever. From traditional locks to smart locks, the options for securing your interiors are vast.  

Exterior Door Locks for Techies

Convenient, durable and elegant, smart locks add a layer of protection to your home without compromising design. As the popularity of smart locks rapidly increase each year, more brands and options become available for homeowners. With producs like Level Lock, you can easily discover the perfect lock for your home. Although the smallest smart lock ever made, Level Lock’s hardware can be controlled by touch, voice, smartphones, watches, key cards or a key and can be accessed from anywhere.

Take into consideration that smart locks are not for everyone, as they are capable of numerous high tech features. Some smart locks can automatically lock and unlock once a bluetooth presence is detected, automatically lock when a door is shut, unlock doors for packages and can be programmed with custom unlock codes for guests. 

If the thought of tearing out your old lock and installing a new one terrifies you, there are even smart locks that can be directly assembled into your existing deadbolt set up. Along with the option of hassle-free installation, imagine a lock that has the ability to automatically turn on any of your interior lights as soon as you unlock your door…that’s pretty cool if you ask us. 

Exterior Door Locks For Traditionalists

There are also great options for manual locks such as mortise locks and deadbolt locks if you prefer more traditional security features. Mortise Locks are designed with powerful cylinders and are great for commercial buildings and apartment doors, while deadbolt locks are most widely used for residential properties. To up your security standard, select mortise locks with more levers or a hybrid deadbolt lock with a lockable thumb-turn.

Interior & Alternative Door Locks

Lastly, knob locks and padlocks are also very well known, but are commonly used outside the realm of exterior doors. As the most popular type of door lock for interiors, knob locks should be avoided for external use as they provide only a limited level of security if not paired with Deadbolt locks. Padlocks are one of the most simple lock designs and come in a variety of models with a choice between keyed padlocks or combination padlocks.

Having a basic understanding of the options available when it comes to selecting locks is important as exterior doors are your home’s main access points. Before you spend too much time contemplating budget, remember that it’s never a bad idea to increase the security features in your home. At Johnson Brothers we’ll help you select the right lockset for your home, plus you can reach out to our Boise or Idaho Falls offices for a free consultation.