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Choose Johnson Brothers and trust that you are getting the best, quality-certified work from our experienced personnel. Just give us a call at 208-523-8600 in Idaho Falls or 208-658-2375 in Boise for your FREE consultation, and whether you choose to use our services or not, we will help you get the process rolling on your upcoming project.

Information for architects and designers

Select the highest quality millwork, casework, and wood mouldings available. Johnson Brothers strives to maintain our reputation through honesty, integrity and hard work. Enjoy the convenience of having one supplier for all of your architectural product needs. Trust that our experience, equipment, facilities, and personnel will provide what you need with integrity.

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Installation and on-site work

For products such as custom millwork or casework, proper installation can be as important as quality production. While we do not have an in-house staff dedicated to the installation of our products, at Johnson Brothers, we do have a roster of vetted sub-contractors that we know can get the job done right. If you have questions about our on-site finish work availability and policies, ask any of our representatives. We are happy to help you get the fit and finish that you (and our products) deserve.  Please call us at 208-523-8600 in Idaho Falls or 208-658-2375 in Boise to discuss options and availability.