Pros And Cons Of Different Countertop Materials


Custom or not, choosing the right material for your home’s countertops is an essential part of the style and functionality of your interiors. In this article we’ll discuss the most common types of countertop material and why or why not they would be the right fit for your home:

Plastic Laminate
Plastic laminate is a fantastic option for homeowners on a budget or interested in DIY projects. Pros of plastic laminate are that it is inexpensive, ready/easy to install, low-maintenance, lightweight, and has an abundance of design possibilities. On the other hand, some cons are that plastic laminate is prone to chipping and peeling, difficult to repair, and it is not heat-resistant. You are able to have an undermount sink with laminate, which is a popular option.

Butcher Block
Butcher Block countertops are made of wood, thus making them especially ideal for kitchens with heavier meal preparations that may require chopping, slicing, and grinding. There are plenty of pros that come with butcher block countertops, including that they are inexpensive, long-lasting, easy to install, provide a great work surface, and damages are easy to repair. A few cons of a butcher block countertops include sensitivity to liquid and temperature changes along with vulnerability to scratching and denting.  Butcher Block countertops need constant maintenance.

Solid Surface
Solid surface countertops are great for homeowners who prefer mid-range options or those who plan on integrating more into their kitchens, bathrooms, or even mudrooms, such as sinks. The pros of solid surface countertops are quite extensive including that they are inexpensive, low-maintenance, easy to clean, stain resistant, easily repairable, and offer a huge selection of colors and patterns to choose from. The biggest con is that solid surface countertops are very sensitive to heat and can be quickly damaged from too much heat.

Quartz countertops are great for high-traffic areas and are commonly rated for healthcare facilities and commercial kitchens. Some of the pros of choosing a quartz countertop is that quartz is low maintenance, durable, stain and scratch proof, and has lots of colors/patterns to choose from. A couple cons of quartz countertops are that they are expensive and can be very sensitive to heat.

Granite is a great choice for homeowners who want a natural, yet luxurious looking countertop. Some pros of granite are that it is heat and scratch resistant, durable, and unique due to its large variety of colors and patterns available to choose from. A few cons of granite is that it must be sealed regularly to maintain longevity, it can be expensive, and it is extremely heavy.

Marble countertops on the other hand are best for areas with minimal traffic. If you enjoy baking, this countertop is especially great for your kitchen. A couple pros of marble countertops are that the material is heat resistant and has beautiful natural patterns. Some cons of marble countertops are that they are very expensive, high-maintenance, easily damageable (scratches and acidic liquids), and marble is prone to staining.

Aside from style, the material you’ll want to go with ultimately depends on your everyday lifestyle along with the room you incorporate it in. If you’re unsure where to start, Johnson Brothers works with any budget and offers free consultations from experienced professionals.

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