Prepping for April Showers

Check out Larson’s collection of weather-protection storm doors at Johnson Brother’s in Boise and Idaho Falls.

In both Boise and Idaho Falls, everyone at Johnson Brother’s is ready for this long winter to exit and make way for Spring. While the snow falls and rain comes pouring down sideways, it’s a good time to protect your home’s doors with a Larson storm door, designed specifically to protect your doors from the elements. With tons of options providing weather protection and security, and with multiple points of customization, you’re sure to find a Larson storm door that will not only protect your home, but compliment its curb appeal.

Larson’s full-glass storm doors practically disappear into the door frame, making it so your entry door is insulated and protected without compromising on those rare and beautiful moments of sunlight. With a heavy-duty weather strip these storm doors will block drafts, keeping your entry-way just as warm and cozy as the rest of your house. Visit us at Johnson Brother’s to get personalized help when choosing what size door will fit snugly in your doorframe – we can even explore options like glass storm doors for your sidelites or French doors!

If you’re getting tired of letting your pet in and out (and in and out again), letting the cold air into your home with every trip, consider a storm door with a built-in pet flap. There are plenty of storm door options with pet doors built in, so you can prevent drafts and protect your primary door from the elements, while letting your furry friend in and out without any fuss. With a full-glass front you can get a full view of what your pet is doing, without leaving the doorway open and your home exposed.

If security is your concern, let one of us at Johnson Brother’s know you’re interested in Larson’s collection of heavy-duty security storm doors. Ranging from Dominator™ secure glass, to steel doors made to keep out unwanted guests, Larson’s security storm doors offer protection from the weather and anything else threatening your home. There’s even options that fit in external entry-ways, adding an extra layer of protection and security for your home.

Visit your local Johnson Brother’s location in Boise or Idaho Falls to learn more about which Larson storm door will work best for your weather-proofing needs, security concerns, and home style. You can also find out more about more door options that Larson has, including swappable and retractable screen doors to get that fresh air when summer finally comes.