Beyond Paint: How to Refresh Your Home’s Exterior

FAQ’s: Beyond Paint: How to Refresh Your Home’s Exterior

Marvin exterior windows

Q: I don’t want to move. Is there a way to update the exterior appearance of my home?

A: Moving is rough, so we’re in favor of doing anything you can to avoid it. One trick is to upgrade your doors and windows. After a couple decades, doors and windows can get a little tired – and it shows. Harsh elements and changing design trends can take a toll, making your whole house appear sad from the outside – and even the inside.

The thought of replacement can be daunting, but it’s not as invasive as you might imagine.

When properly measured and built to suit, replacement windows can be installed with only a bit of trim work and touch-up painting on the exterior, and a bead of fresh caulk on the interior. If you want to go big and bring more light inside your house by increasing the size of your windows, things will become a bit more messy. But any inconvenience you endure will be far outweighed by your new look at the world.

Likewise, a new front door can make a huge difference in the way your house is perceived by those about to enter. If done boldly, it can be a statement piece, commanding attention and setting the tone for what lies inside. Or if you want to be low-key about it, a new front door can simply see to it that your front entry is no longer out-of-date. And with good planning, it can be achieved with minimal intrusion.

Rest assured, there’s no need to go into these projects blind. At Johnson Brothers we have the expertise and the contacts to help you every step of the way – from selecting the goods, to measuring for an accurate fit, to scheduling the installation. If you’re ready to take your home from sleepy to stunning, we’re here to help!

The Sky is the Limit

The Sky is the Limit

After more than a century, the future at Johnson Brothers has never looked brighter.

Chris Sargis & Zac Bodily, Johnson Brothers shareholders
Chris Sargis and Zac Bodily

Shout-out to our friends over at Idaho Falls Magazine for putting together a feature story on our family business. Here’s a look:


The enduring success of family-owned companies rests on succession. Johnson Brothers is no exception. Founded more than a century ago, the business is still a mainstay in downtown Idaho Falls, with a location in Boise and a business footprint that spans the West.

Representing the fifth generation at the helm, the current leadership team of Zac Bodily and Chris Sargis draw on their personal predispositions to perpetuate the growth trajectory.

“We stand on the shoulders of previous generations.”

– Zac Bodily

You may recognize President and co-owner Zac Bodily. From coaching youth baseball to scaling area mountain peaks, Bodily strives for perfection in all of life’s endeavors. Overseeing the operational and production aspect of the company is the perfect focus for his quiet, driven and detail-loving personality.

His counterpart, co-owner and VP of Sales Chris Sargis shows his civic pride through the Exchange Club of Idaho Falls. From providing U.S. flags to kids during the Fourth-of-July Parade, to donating copious hours of time to the annual Field of Honor Veterans Memorial, he’s a visible embodiment of the J-Bros way, who also has a penchant for vintage cars and golf.

The two credit the company’s longevity and growth to loyal employees.

“The strength of this company rests with the employees,” Sargis said. “The median tenure of our staff averages 15 years. That kind of stability fosters an environment for sustained growth.”

Currently J-Bros is a force in the western states, supplying building materials, custom millwork and casework to sought-after professional contractors and architects. To the public they share a unique one-on-one retail expertise with merchandise stocked for all types of building, construction and decorating projects. With a primary focus on windows, doors and interior finishes.

Like their predecessors, the new leadership duo plans to continue the family tradition of
balancing opportunity with excellence.

“We stand on the shoulders of previous generations that have labored and sacrificed to keep this family-business opportunity alive,” Bodily said. “We are committed to continued effort not only for our children, but also for each employee that relies upon the company’s success for their own families.”

Whether you’re searching for windows, interior or exterior doors, or cabinet hardware don’t pass up the chance to visit Johnson Brothers on Basalt Street in Idaho Falls, and on Cole Road in Boise.

FAQ’s: How long will it take to get my new doors/windows/hardware/skylights,etc?

FAQ’s: How long will it take to get my new doors / windows / hardware / skylights,etc?

Q: How long will it take to get my new doors/windows/hardware/skylight/etc.?

A: First and foremost, the long lead times and backed up supply chains of 2020-2022 are over. Our suppliers and vendors are working within normal delivery time estimates, and sticking to them. That said, accurate lead times can depend on what type of supplies you need for your project.

At Johnson Brothers, we have large warehouses near our Boise and Idaho Falls locations, meaning that supplies we store in-house will be available quickly for your renovations. If none of our local options meet your needs, we can give you accurate estimates on lead times for supplies from our trusted suppliers. If you’re working in a tight timeframe, get in touch with the pros at jbros with a free consultation, so we can help you schedule everything you’ll need for a home or office revamp.

Custom-made items can take longer, but the result is worth it.

If you’re looking for unique items, such as custom wood moulding, the lead time will be longer (but we believe the end product is worth it!). We provide only the highest quality custom work, so you can be sure the time between your order and installation is filled with hands-on creation and craftsmanship assurance.

No matter the time estimate, know that the team at Johnson Brothers will get you supplies from our trusted vendors as quickly as possible, ensuring that your projects stay on schedule. To learn more about lead time for the products you need, schedule a free consultation on our website, or call your local Johnson Brothers to talk to an expert.

FAQ’s: What Time of Year Should I Start a New Project?

FAQ’s: What Time of Year Should I Start a New Project?

Weather can play a big role in deciding when to start an outdoor project.

Q: What time of year is the best time to start a new renovation project?

A: When figuring out what time of year to start a new project, you should consider three things:

Renovation projects, no matter the scale, will cause some disruption to your day-to-day life
(although the results will be worth it!) If your job has an off-season, or you plan on doing the
renovations yourself, it might be best to plan a project for a time of year where you’ll be home
more often. If you have children, consider if having them at home full-time (like during summer
vacation) will cause them to get in the way of the renovation. Your unique lifestyle can play a big
role in making a project quick and efficient.

Secondly, you should consider the size of the project you’re taking on. A coat of paint or new
cabinetry hardware are small scale projects that take little time to complete, meaning they can
be done most times of the year without too much disruption. A full kitchen renovation, or
replacing exterior doors and windows will take much longer, and may rely on good weather to
be completed on time.

That brings us to the third consideration: Idaho’s unpredictable weather. Internal projects, like
replacing kitchen cabinetry or household moulding, can be done year-round, especially if you
have an indoor workspace like a garage to use.

Outdoor projects should be saved for warmer and drier weather, as should projects that temporarily compromise your home’s weather-proofing, such as replacing a porch door, or upgrading skylights. The renovation experts at Jbros can give you accurate estimates on how long projects will take so you can plan around the seasons.

Projects that compromise your home’s weatherproofing should be saved for warmer weather.

Overall, what time of year to start your project will come down to your lifestyle and what specific
projects you’re planning. With several inches of snow restricting outdoor activities, Idaho’s
winters can be the perfect time to complete renovations indoors.

And if you want to revamp your home’s street appeal, schedule a free consultation with the pros at Jbros, so you can have a fully outlined plan ready to go when things warm up.

FAQ’s: Can I Mix and Match my Hardware?

FAQ’s: Can I Mix and Match my Hardware?

Q: Does all of my cabinet hardware have to match?

A: Just like mix-and-matching paint colors or wood stains, choosing multiple hardware styles can create a unique look for your kitchen cabinets, built-in mudroom cubbies, or your other storage spaces. There are a few tips and tricks you can use to get a creative mixed look, while still achieving a cohesion that makes everything work together.

An easy place to start is considering the color or finish of your faucet, kitchen appliances, refrigerator, showerhead, door knobs, or any other hardware in your current space.

You’ll want the color and style differences to look intentional.

For your mixed hardware, you’ll want the color and style differences to look intentional. Metals that are too close in color and finish may just take away from the room’s cohesion, instead of bringing a unique look into your space.

Black appliances and faucets make mixing your hardware easy, since they go with almost all finishes. For other colors, consider looping to the other side of the color wheel, and mixing cool-toned hardware with warm toned styles, giving that intentional look. Rocky Mountain Hardware (one of our many high-quality suppliers) has options in a plethora of colors and metal finishes.

Another aspect of mixed hardware to consider is physical style. Mixing more classic-styled pulls with modern handles can create a fun and unique look if done correctly. The more doors and cabinets in your kitchen, entertainment room, bathroom, display cabinets and more – the more styles you can incorporate while still having a classy flow.

To keep things from looking chaotic, use the same types of pulls for the same types of doors or cabinets. For example, when mixing two options from Emtek, a contemporary knob matched with a classic cabinet pull brings two eras and twice the style to your kitchen. You can also bring attention to special areas in your home, such as a china cabinet or custom bookshelf, with statement hardware. 

A final point to consider is the hardware already used on your doors, from a barn-door track set, to your entryway doorbell plate. Basing your metal and style choices based on your current house-wide hardware can create great flow through your home. Mixing and matching the hardware throughout your home is a cost-effective way to raise the style and quality of your space, without beginning large and disruptive projects. 

Visit Johnson Brothers in Boise or Idaho Falls to see in-person hardware options, to not only get a visual, but tactile experience when choosing your options. Free consultations are also available, so you can get expert advice for your unique style. 

FAQ’s: What Improvements Add The Most Value?

FAQ’s: What Improvements Add The Most Value?

It can be easy to feel overwhelmed when starting home renovations, and unsure of where to start. We’ll answer your FAQ’s.

When considering home renovations a lot of questions come to mind. After over 100 years of helping people renovate their homes and commercial spaces, our experts at Johnson Brothers have nailed down a few commonly asked questions. In 2024, we’ll be using our inspiration blog to answer your commonly asked questions, one month at a time. Whether you’re worried about contractors, or can’t decide on paint or wood stain, we’ll have our experts steer you straight. Have more questions? Come into our showroom to talk with a Jbros expert, or set up a free consultation.

Q: What home improvements add the most value to my home?

A: All types of home improvements can add value to your home, from major full-kitchen renovations, to replacing cabinet hardware. When looking to get the most bang for your buck, there are a few places you can start.

Internally, refinishing wood floors and updating kitchen countertops are medium-sized projects that add a ton of value to your home. Kitchen updates can range from repainting cabinets to replacing everything, including the moulding. Installing real stone countertops, like from Ceaserstone, is a worthwhile splurge. Your level of renovation may depend on personal taste, and the last time your kitchen was updated. Newly renovated kitchens majorly boost home value (and look great in listing pictures as well).

Exterior improvements are an easy way to boost your curb appeal (and home value). Repainting and installing new exterior doors are great ways to give the outside of your home a facelift. Doors from our high-quality suppliers, like Andersen, bring added protection and security as well.

Adding or upgrading your windows or patio doors can add tons of natural light to your home, making it more appealing to potential buyers (if you want to go the extra mile, Jbros offers skylights). Fiberglass-reinforced windows, like from Marvin, can both save you money by sealing in heat and A/C, and boost your property value with their high quality construction.

Overall, there are tons of improvements from large-scale renovations, to weekend projects, that will add value to your home. When looking for a place to start, focus on making the outside of your home appealing, adding natural light, and updating outdated areas of your home. Visit Johnson Brothers for a free consultation, to begin improvements to your home, from replacing hardware to installing all new windows and doors.

To make your 2024 dreams come true, start now!

To make your 2024 dreams come true, start now!

December is the perfect time of year for forecasting our hearts and desires into the new year. And if you’re like us, our homes are completely at the center of our universe, and always make our resolution list.

Maybe it’s a project as small as updating your cabinetry hardware, or something as big as revamping your exterior with all-new doors and windows. Either way, planning, dreaming and executing a renovation or new build takes time, patience, and quite a bit of homework. So let’s get started!

“There are so many choices, how do I figure out what I really want?”

One question we’re frequently asked is, “There are so many choices, how do I figure out what I really want?” We suggest looking at photos of finished products found in interior and exterior design magazines, on social media, and online in inspirational blogs and on product sites to identify your style. Even driving through neighborhoods and taking pictures can be enlightening!

Next, make a list with two columns, start with the list of the styles and types of looks you know you don’t like, aren’t your vibe, or are simply not something you’d want to have. Eliminating those hard-stop ‘no-thank-yous’ helps bring into focus what you really love and want to see and feel in your own home. In the second column, list the looks that jump out at you and make your heart beat faster. Those are the winners; be sure to print out photos and earmark your faves.

Next, make a list with two columns, start with the list of the styles and types of looks you know you don’t like, aren’t your vibe, or are simply not something you’d want to have. Eliminating those hard-stop ‘no-thank-yous’ helps bring into focus what you really love and want to see and feel in your own home. In the second column, list the looks that jump out at you and make your heart beat faster. Those are the winners; be sure to print out photos and earmark your faves.

Once you have your list of yays and nays, share your intel, along with your visuals, with your designer, contractor, architect or your local friends right here at Johnson Brothers. We’ll help you get on the right path to completing your project in 2024!

We have much to be grateful for in 2023, and at the close of the year we get so excited for the prospects and opportunities a new year brings. So get that homework going, and bring us your projects. Together, let’s make our dreams a reality in 2024!

Idahome for the Holidays

It’s the season of giving thanks, and we want to thank every one of you for making Idaho such a wonderful place to be. We feel so blessed to be part of the Boise and Idaho Falls communities, and to serve the people of our great state. We also want to extend a heartfelt thank you to our employees for their incredible and dedicated work, and our industry partners for an incredible year.

2023, our 118th year, was made wonderful by people like you. From our family to yours, Happy Thanksgiving. Gobble-gobble 🦃

Caution: Weather Ahead!

Caution: Weather Ahead!

Anderson Windows - interior sho
Anderson storm doors weather-proof your home, while letting light in.

As rain quickly turns to snow in Idaho, it’s the right time to replace your leaky doors and windows with high quality, weather-proof options from Jbros. Options from Anderson and Marvin can help seal heat into your home, both keeping the wet and cold out, and saving you tons on your electricity and gas bills every winter. No more chilly drafts or wet window sills. Energy-saving doesn’t have to look institutional either – style choices in color, materials and design are more available to traditional home-owners than ever. From wood-framed windows to custom skylights, you can find weatherproof options that compliment your home perfectly.

During those rare days of sunlight in the coming winter months, you can enjoy tons of natural light with oversized windows and glass storm doors. Enjoy Idaho’s gorgeous winter landscape (or your neighbors’ holiday yard decorations) without letting the weather in.

Visit your local Johnson Brothers in Idaho Falls or Boise to get professional help choosing new, winterized windows and doors. We’re ready to connect you with quality suppliers and tried-and-true contractors, so you can be sure your home will be warm and cozy all winter long. Find out more about durable doors, windows, and skylights on

Get gorgeous natural light in every room, without letting in the cold.

Elevate Your Space Using Custom Millwork & Moulding

Elevate Your Space Using Custom Millwork & Moulding

 Johnson Brothers does custom moulding and paneling, all in-house
 Johnson Brothers does custom moulding and paneling, all in-house.

When you’ve got the perfect plan for your home, sometimes custom is the only way to go. 

At the heart of Johnson Brothers is the foundation of any home interior: completely customizable wood moulding and trim. Having a local millwork resource like Johnson Brothers means you can create a look that will be unique to your home and style. Be sure to ask your builder if they know about this asset when planning your project. Moulding not only adds charm and aesthetic value, but also formalizes a room, adding detail and value to your space.

The JBros product offering allows you to match and replicate the shape and height profile of existing moulding in order to match materials for any historic renovation or inspirational new build. From needing just one board, up to an entire new home, there’s no need to compromise or settle for generic.

Based in Idaho Falls and serving the entire American West, Johnson Brothers stocks and sources the best woods for use in our region and carries virtually all species of hardwood varieties as well as MDF and paint-grade materials. Whether you want to embrace current trends and go with paint grade trim, or enhance natural wood tones with stain a ’la Frank Lloyd Wright, all styles are workable, and available in both paint- and stain-ready options. 

Custom moulding is a great way to add detail and dimension to your home. From simple base moulding and door frames to intricate coves, crowns, cornices, corbels and window casings, moulding will make your rooms feel elevated. 

Visit our site to view the vast array of wood types and styles of moulding options we offer, via our detailed catalogs. If none of our available options fit your style, we can work with you to create an entirely custom, original and unique style of moulding, just for your home. 

For nearly 120 years Johnson Brothers has been committed to helping the people of Idaho Falls and Boise make their renovation dreams come true.

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