Elevate Your Space Using Custom Millwork & Moulding

 Johnson Brothers does custom moulding and paneling, all in-house
 Johnson Brothers does custom moulding and paneling, all in-house.

When you’ve got the perfect plan for your home, sometimes custom is the only way to go. 

At the heart of Johnson Brothers is the foundation of any home interior: completely customizable wood moulding and trim. Having a local millwork resource like Johnson Brothers means you can create a look that will be unique to your home and style. Be sure to ask your builder if they know about this asset when planning your project. Moulding not only adds charm and aesthetic value, but also formalizes a room, adding detail and value to your space.

The JBros product offering allows you to match and replicate the shape and height profile of existing moulding in order to match materials for any historic renovation or inspirational new build. From needing just one board, up to an entire new home, there’s no need to compromise or settle for generic.

Based in Idaho Falls and serving the entire American West, Johnson Brothers stocks and sources the best woods for use in our region and carries virtually all species of hardwood varieties as well as MDF and paint-grade materials. Whether you want to embrace current trends and go with paint grade trim, or enhance natural wood tones with stain a ’la Frank Lloyd Wright, all styles are workable, and available in both paint- and stain-ready options. 

Custom moulding is a great way to add detail and dimension to your home. From simple base moulding and door frames to intricate coves, crowns, cornices, corbels and window casings, moulding will make your rooms feel elevated. 

Visit our site to view the vast array of wood types and styles of moulding options we offer, via our detailed catalogs. If none of our available options fit your style, we can work with you to create an entirely custom, original and unique style of moulding, just for your home. 

For nearly 120 years Johnson Brothers has been committed to helping the people of Idaho Falls and Boise make their renovation dreams come true.