Choosing The Right Windows For Your Home

You won’t believe the amount of styles and materials to choose from when it comes to picking out the right windows for your home. Whether you’re looking forawning, bay & bow, casement, gliding, pass-through, single or double hung, or specialty; Johnson Brothers can help with any of your window needs.

One thing to consider before choosing the style of your window is to take into consideration the climate you live in. As a homeowner, you never want to overlook the importance of proper installation. Choosing energy-efficient windows can help minimize the costs of heating and cooling depending on where you live.

Energy efficient windows can substantially reduce the amount of energy and costs associated with heating and cooling. You’ll save more money on heat in the winter, and more on cooling in the summer. Along with saving energy, you’ll notice improved comfort, reduced condensation, and even reduced fading on furniture.

Next, it’s extremely important that you pick the right frame material for your windows not only to suit the style of your home but to maximize performance and efficiency. Selecting the right frames can result in long-lasting, durable windows that are low-maintenance. Here are some materials you may want to consider:

Classy, traditional, and beautiful, wood is a fantastic framing material to go with if you’re looking for strength and rigidity. All wood at Johnson Brothers has cladding that resists harsh elements and provides you with a low-maintenance exterior.

Vinyl Clad
Modern and sleek, vinyl is basically time-proof. Our vinyl windows are wood at the core, with an exterior layer of vinyl material for protective cladding. This combination is far stronger and weather resistant than frames solely made of vinyl.

Composite (Fibrex Material)
A unique blend of 40 percent wood fiber by weight and 60 percent thermoplastic polymer by weight is 2X stronger than vinyl. Fibrex Material resists rot, decay, and fungal growth. With this material you won’t have to worry about flaking, blistering, peeling, or corroding.

Aluminum Clad
Versatile and maintenance-free, Aluminum material can almost entirely resist the elements. Aluminum framing gives you the option to get creative with different colors and shapes for your window frame. With aluminum, your cladding will be thicker and stronger than most.

Tough and weather resistant, fiberglass frames provide you with protection and durability. With beautiful strong wood interiors, fiberglass frames keep your exteriors sturdy and maintenance-free. The combinations of wood and fiberglass make windows rigid but lightweight at the same time.

New windows are an important investment; knowing how to choose the right style & materials gives you the reward of better lighting, comfort, security, and efficiency. You can do it all with the help from Johnson Brothers without having to do a whole home remodel. We offer brands such as AndersenMarvinCoeur d’ Alene & more. Visit our Idaho Falls or Boise showroom for information on your window inquiries.