Johnson Brothers Roots Run Deep

5th Gen Leadership at the Helm

Located in the heart of downtown Idaho Falls, is the little company that could. It’s been well over a century since Johnson Brothers inception as a local residential builder and construction business. Fast forward to today, and J-Bros is a regional force in the western states supplying building materials and custom millwork and casework to sought-after professional contractors and architects. To the public they share a unique one-on-one retail expertise to the public with merchandise stocked for all types of local projects.

Many ask, is Johnson Brothers still family owned? The answer is absolutely. The 5th generation now holds top leadership positions still placing family values, quality, their clientele, employees and the local community’s needs ahead of making a quick buck.

You may recognize the President and Co-Owner of Johnson Brothers, Zac Bodily. From coaching little league to scaling local peaks, Bodily strives for perfection in all of life’s endeavors. Overseeing the operational and production aspect of the company is the perfect focus for his quiet, driven and detail-loving personality.

Zac working in and out of the community.

Vice President of Sales and Co-Owner Chris Sargis says their employees deserve the credit for Johnson Brothers longevity and growth.

“Our employees are knowledgeable and passionate about every project,” Sargis says. “We’re low pressure with our sales process and we are committed to providing high quality product with great customer service at a fair price. It’s been our formula for the past 118 years.”

Both Sargis and Bodily make sure to maintain close relationships with employees, treating them like family members. With an average employment time of over 15 years, JBros employees clearly enjoy the atmosphere of mutual respect and comradery.

If you’re out and about watch for Sargis, who aside from being a vintage car buff and golfer, is deeply involved with the local Exchange Club of Idaho Falls. From providing the US flag to kids on the 4th of July, to donating copious hours of time to the annual Field of Honor Veterans Memorial, he is a visible reminder in the community of the JBros way.

Chris’s passions include supporting community organizations and restoring classic cars.

Like their predecessors, the new leadership duo plans to continue the family tradition of
balancing opportunity with excellence. Whether you’re searching for windows, interior or
exterior doors, or cabinet hardware don’t pass up the chance to visit Johnson Brothers on
Basalt Street in Idaho Falls, and on Cole Road in Boise.

First-Hand Feel: Check out Real Samples in our Showrooms

Shopping online can be convenient, but when it comes to big purchases like new doors and windows, the ability to check options out in-person is invaluable. Our showrooms in Boise and Idaho Falls give you the ability to peruse the latest options right in town, both getting an idea for what might look great in your home, and what will feel great being used every day.

We’ve got incredible options from high-quality dealers like Marvin and Anderson, with fully-functioning examples to try first-hand. Open doors by TruStile, experience Emtek and other quality cabinet hardware, and lock windows in our showroom to get a real feel for what our items will feel like in your home. No buyer’s remorse or complicated return processes involved – you know you’re getting premium items that you’ve already tested.

Another bonus to shopping in person? Seeing your color and finish options gives you a tangible example of what your custom door or window will look like. Instead of clicking color options online to see an edited photo of the item and hoping it will look the same in-person as on your monitor, you can see real examples of all the options, painted on real pieces of the item’s material. Bring in your paint cards or wood samples to compare and contrast the best pairings in-person.

There’s nothing like shopping local to help alleviate the stress in a renovation or new construction project. We like to think of ourselves as the Jbros Pros, and with 100 years+ experience in the architectural business we definitely have the knowledge and best industry vendor partnerships around to make your project run as smoothly and successfully as possible. Don’t delay, bring us your ideas and we can help make your dreams a reality!

Shop local: Small business = BIG service

Customer quote:Buy Local! Looking for doors and windows this is the place to shop. No need for the big box stores - J.Bros has it all. High quality products that last. Friendly sales guys.

At Johnson Brothers, we firmly believe in the power of small businesses and personal connections and encourage those in the area to come visit us in store and take advantage of our expertise in person. We’ve received some pretty great reviews reflecting that sentiment and thought we’d share.

There’s a common assumption that big chain hardware stores have better prices and provide more support, but this isn’t necessarily true. Our customers have often reported not only lower prices at our locations in Boise and Idaho Falls, but also our expertise support saving them money by streamlining their projects, and guiding them to quality suppliers that last.

Customer quote: We own a 100year old farmhouse that we are building an addition on and restoring back to it's former glory. Randy at Johnson Brothers was amazing and helpful. Just in general, they have the most amazing quality products, after spending time in their showroom and getting the help we needed, we'll never go back to the big box stores for door and window stuff now!

We only work with supplier companies that we personally endorse, so you can be sure all of our stock is high quality and worthwhile. Doors and windows from Jeld-Wen, countertops and stone work from HanStone, and hardware from Amerock are just a few examples of renovation materials that will last you many lifetimes.

Customer quote: Excellent service. Hats off to Randy for his  patience in dealing with my indecision, then providing terrific customer service when my order had a manufacturing defect and part of it had to be returned and replaced by the manufacturer. I think I've interacted with all the front end employees and found all of them friendly and helpful. Keep up the good work Randy, Pete, and the rest of the Johnson Brothers team!

The ability to directly interact with our community and be a positive influence is what gets Johnson Brothers team members up every morning. Every customer, every project, and every question is unique and valuable to us. We love receiving new reviews from satisfied customers, letting us know how we were able to help them save money and get their project finished. For over 100 years (since 1905) we’ve been committed to helping the people of Idaho Falls and Boise make their renovation dreams come true. Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for shopping local, and making us a part of your community.

Customer quote: Great family business, really care about their employees and the community

Highlight with Hardware

Emtek’s stylish and secure interior door hardware is an easy way to upgrade your home.

It’s all in the details. A simple and cost-effective way to elevate the spaces in your home is choosing new hardware for your doors and cabinets. Good hardware will complement your home’s existing aesthetic, while adding new flair and style to the space. From sleek and simple, to extravagant and elegant, there are tons of hardware options to choose from.

In kitchens and bathrooms it’s easy to pair knobs and handles, making the room more cohesive and functional. Amerock has pull and knob collections designed to update all the hardware in one room at the same time, so you can get a stylish and put-together look without mixing and matching random styles on your own. 

For entry doors security is always the top priority, but that doesn’t mean sacrificing style. Emtek offers a wide selection of highly secure door hardware, ranging from classic deadbolts to electronic keypad systems. With tons of metal finishes, you can pick almost any security system and make it match perfectly with your home’s style. You can even customize your entrance with matching peepholes, mail slots, and hinges to get a perfectly finished look. Schlage also provides a wide selection of secure front-door locks, including wifi-capable smart-locks. These stylish options have the highest-tech security, allowing you to enter your home with your phone or apple watch (no more worrying about losing your keys).

Interior doors can also be upgraded with matching hardware, including handles, pulls, and plates. With several latch options you can have the privacy you want without sacrificing style. Even sliding doors and barn doors can have custom hardware that matches the look and feel of your home.

The first step in upgrading your home doesn’t have to be ripping up old floors or repainting entire rooms. Starting simple with hardware upgrades will improve the functionality of your home, and bring in style. Visit Johnson Brothers, at our locations in Boise or Idaho Falls, for personable and professional help in finding the hardware that will work for you. 

Prepping for April Showers

Check out Larson’s collection of weather-protection storm doors at Johnson Brother’s in Boise and Idaho Falls.

In both Boise and Idaho Falls, everyone at Johnson Brother’s is ready for this long winter to exit and make way for Spring. While the snow falls and rain comes pouring down sideways, it’s a good time to protect your home’s doors with a Larson storm door, designed specifically to protect your doors from the elements. With tons of options providing weather protection and security, and with multiple points of customization, you’re sure to find a Larson storm door that will not only protect your home, but compliment its curb appeal.

Larson’s full-glass storm doors practically disappear into the door frame, making it so your entry door is insulated and protected without compromising on those rare and beautiful moments of sunlight. With a heavy-duty weather strip these storm doors will block drafts, keeping your entry-way just as warm and cozy as the rest of your house. Visit us at Johnson Brother’s to get personalized help when choosing what size door will fit snugly in your doorframe – we can even explore options like glass storm doors for your sidelites or French doors!

If you’re getting tired of letting your pet in and out (and in and out again), letting the cold air into your home with every trip, consider a storm door with a built-in pet flap. There are plenty of storm door options with pet doors built in, so you can prevent drafts and protect your primary door from the elements, while letting your furry friend in and out without any fuss. With a full-glass front you can get a full view of what your pet is doing, without leaving the doorway open and your home exposed.

If security is your concern, let one of us at Johnson Brother’s know you’re interested in Larson’s collection of heavy-duty security storm doors. Ranging from Dominator™ secure glass, to steel doors made to keep out unwanted guests, Larson’s security storm doors offer protection from the weather and anything else threatening your home. There’s even options that fit in external entry-ways, adding an extra layer of protection and security for your home.

Visit your local Johnson Brother’s location in Boise or Idaho Falls to learn more about which Larson storm door will work best for your weather-proofing needs, security concerns, and home style. You can also find out more about more door options that Larson has, including swappable and retractable screen doors to get that fresh air when summer finally comes. 

Cabin Fever BEGONE: Spruce Up Your Space

After weeks of snow, ice, and wind chill many of us are starting to feel some cabin fever
from being cooped up for so long. Unfortunately, there’s still a while to go before the snow melts
and Spring begins (a certain famous groundhog guesstimates about six more weeks). The good
news is that you can funnel your cabin fever into updating and customizing your cabin!

Exterior Windows and Doors for your home

Johnson Brothers has the suppliers you need to fully revamp your home’s look, and get a new vibe to settle in with during these last several cold weeks. Andersen Windows and Doors is a great place to start when considering updating your home. You can be sure Andersen windows and doors will keep the bitter snow and ice out and your warmth in, with quality craftsmanship implemented in every step of the way. With high-quality doors and windows ranging from cozy farmhouse barn doors to sleek and modern sliding glass, you don’t have to look far for inspiration when browsing their vast selection.

Marvin Doors and Windows: Exterior farmhouse doors

Another one of our fantastic suppliers to start your cabin customization journey with is Emtek. Their cabinet and door hardware, designed with functionality, reliability, and style in mind are the perfect option to compliment new doors. Built to order, these handles are not only gorgeous to look at (an important consideration when staying inside all winter) but highly secure. There’s tons of options to fit every need in your home, from security outside to convenience inside.

On those rare sunny days of a balmy 20+ degrees, consider coming down to Johnson
Brothers and speaking to one of our expert assistants on starting your custom home renovation
journey. We’re ready to help you make your cabin so stylish and comfortable you won’t want to
leave, even when the last of the snow melts. For now, stay warm and visit our website to find out more about our services and suppliers.

Open the door to new opportunities

A TruStile painted exterior door from their new Resilient™ Wood Entry System collection, designed to be weather-proof and match every architectural style.

2023 is sure to bring its new challenges, but every challenge is a new door that opens to opportunities. Johnson Brothers is excited to be opening up your opportunity to experience an all-new exterior door product from their great partner who produces Marvin Windows. TruStile, a Marvin Company, wants to make sure your architectural custom doors are the highest quality they can be, with their new Resilient™ Wood Entry System collection. This collection of entryways, new for 2023, are made with the highest quality natural wood, and can fit any architectural style.

TruStile door detail

Vividly colored front exterior doors create great curbside appeal and TruStile’s Resilient™ Wood Entry System collection focuses on doors that are ready for a fresh coat of paint, to perfectly blend with your home’s style. The Resilient™ exterior doors are built with Accoya® for stability, and topped with Tricoya® for that perfect paintable finish. There’s no need to sacrifice durability for style, or vice-versa, with these new doors.

TruStile Exterior entryway

Johnson Brothers is excited to help transform your home’s design with the TruStile new option this year, that can be custom designed to match your home’s architectural style. With 500 standard exterior door styles available in the new collection, and custom options available, there’s a Resilient™ door for every home. The design customization is up to you, from creating the perfect entry system, down to the final details in the molding on the door itself. If that sounds daunting to you, don’t worry, TruStile has resources on their site to pick the perfect shape, glass, and finish for your home and architecture style.

TruStile Resilient™ Wood Entry System exterior doors will be available at your local Johnson Brother’s starting January 16th, 2023. Make the perfect entryway for your home!

Reminisce, Reset, and Recharge

Johnson’s Brother’s Chris Sargis, along with the Idaho Falls Exchange Club, volunteering at the Community Food Basket.

Inevitably reflecting on the past causes us to look forward — it’s human nature to challenge ourselves to do better, #goals and all of that.

In many aspects of Johnson Brother’s construction and architecturally based business, it will be hard to top what occurred in 2022; but upon reflection if there’s one place to challenge ourselves it’s — putting into the communities we serve, as much as we take out. Co-owner Chris Sargis believes, “the best way to receive is to give, and to ask ourselves, how can we all do more?”

“The best way to receive is to give, and to ask ourselves, how can we all do more?”

In a unique and challenging year fraught with supply chain restraints, labor shortages and incredible consumer demand, it’s easy to want to crack under the pressure. But Johnson Brothers is inspired this year by industry partner Marvin Windows who has instituted a Better Living program, encouraging their employees to breath and live more in the moment. Taking that deep breath and acknowledging our accomplishments is a wise way to flip the script. Gratitude for what we’ve done and who has been instrumental will take the spotlight off ourselves.

There will always be new products and concepts for custom moulding and millwork, exterior and interior door designs, windows and sky lights, cabinetry hardware, handles and drawer pulls, the list goes on — but our legacy lives in our people. To our loyal and incredible crew of dedicated employees, industry partners and vendors: we truly couldn’t do what we do without you. This holiday season we wish only the best for you as we reminisce, reset, recharge and prepare for the gift of a brand-new year ahead.

The Good for Which we are Grateful

Photo courtesy of Marvin Windows. For more info on Marvin Windows, custom trim, moulding, countertop options or cabinet hardware, contact us.

We feel that Thanksgiving is the perfect time to pause and reflect upon the good for which we are grateful. From the retirement of our longtime Chief, David Sargis, and subsequent restructuring, and our contractors and builders topping off a record year, to our employees and industry partners who have risen and met the market demand and changes – to say the least, it’s been quite a year.

Of course, to the western states we are proud to work within, we believe that this synergy carries forth into the communities as well. Schools, churches, and important architectural buildings will shelter us for years to come. We are truly grateful for our involvement in these amazing projects and important structures. We cherish these opportunities to work with our friends, neighbors and communities. Since 1905 we’ve learned, grown, and improved from our experiences with all of you. We are thankful for the opportunity to share our expertise through personalized care and quality products.

The team at Johnson Brothers would like to toast you all for your dedication to our mission and to your most outstanding work and acknowledge your integral part of making 2022 a sprint to the finish line.

From our family to yours, Happy Thanksgiving.

Getting started with Johnson Brothers

No contractor? No problem! Just come into Johnson Brothers and get our expert help, no architect required. Not only can we help you pick the perfect door, windows, hardware, and so much more – we’ll also help you find the perfect outfit to do the installation.

All the choices involved can be intimidating. With various contractors, architects, and installers available with a few clicks, it can be hard to determine which one will work for you. And that can hold you back from doing the fun stuff, like exploring our showroom and picking from the tons of hardware options and wood finishes.

Don’t let a lack of expertise stand in your way! We’re ready and willing to take you from viewing samples in our showroom to enjoying a new look right at home. Co-owner Chris Sargis makes it clear that anyone can get help at Johnson Brothers. “Whether you’re in need of an installer or you have someone you work with,” he explains, “we can give you expert help through the whole process.”

Johnson Brothers is ready to take you from showroom to installation, all with expert advice to guide you through. Visit our showrooms in Boise and Idaho Falls or peruse our website and get some inspiration for your next home project.