Cabin Fever BEGONE: Spruce Up Your Space

After weeks of snow, ice, and wind chill many of us are starting to feel some cabin fever
from being cooped up for so long. Unfortunately, there’s still a while to go before the snow melts
and Spring begins (a certain famous groundhog guesstimates about six more weeks). The good
news is that you can funnel your cabin fever into updating and customizing your cabin!

Exterior Windows and Doors for your home

Johnson Brothers has the suppliers you need to fully revamp your home’s look, and get a new vibe to settle in with during these last several cold weeks. Andersen Windows and Doors is a great place to start when considering updating your home. You can be sure Andersen windows and doors will keep the bitter snow and ice out and your warmth in, with quality craftsmanship implemented in every step of the way. With high-quality doors and windows ranging from cozy farmhouse barn doors to sleek and modern sliding glass, you don’t have to look far for inspiration when browsing their vast selection.

Marvin Doors and Windows: Exterior farmhouse doors

Another one of our fantastic suppliers to start your cabin customization journey with is Emtek. Their cabinet and door hardware, designed with functionality, reliability, and style in mind are the perfect option to compliment new doors. Built to order, these handles are not only gorgeous to look at (an important consideration when staying inside all winter) but highly secure. There’s tons of options to fit every need in your home, from security outside to convenience inside.

On those rare sunny days of a balmy 20+ degrees, consider coming down to Johnson
Brothers and speaking to one of our expert assistants on starting your custom home renovation
journey. We’re ready to help you make your cabin so stylish and comfortable you won’t want to
leave, even when the last of the snow melts. For now, stay warm and visit our website to find out more about our services and suppliers.