Benefits of Energy-efficient Windows

Did you know that 40% of your annual heating and cooling costs can be attributed to outdated, drafty windows? If you find your heating and cooling bills are through the roof, it may be time to upgrade to newer, energy efficient windows.

Energy efficient windows, or energy saving windows are specifically designed to prevent heat or cool air from escaping your home. Investing in these highly insulated windows warrants long term benefits for your home and your wallet. It’s basic math, your home + good insulation = lower bills.

The Department of Energy estimates that you can save $125 to $465 dollars a year, by simply installing energy efficient windows. If that doesn’t convince you, installing a set of new vinyl windows could potentially add as much as $12,000 to your home’s selling price. Although pricey, energy efficient windows pay off in the long run.

So, what exactly makes a window energy efficient? A window becomes energy efficient when it has multiple glass panes, windowpane spaders, low-e glass coatings, contains argon or krypton gas between the panes, and lastly, high quality window frames. The quickest way to break it down is by looking for windows with Energy Star Ratings.

On average, Energy Star products use 20 to 30 percent less energy than their counterparts, but do keep in mind that some Energy Star windows are more efficient than others. Whatever your needs, Johnson Brothers can help you select the best windows for your home, plus we have customizable options and a variety brands to choose from.

Aside from financial benefits, energy efficient windows also provide your home with noise reduction and protection for your interior. The thick panes and extra layers in these windows diminish noises of traffic (or your neighbor’s dog), plus block UV rays from the sun, in turn keeping your carpet, paint, and furniture protected from fading.

One last obvious benefit of investing in energy efficient windows is that you’re doing your part in helping protect the environment. The HVAC system is a known contributor to air and water pollution, so with energy-saving windows reliance on the system is reduced.

Johnson Brothers is proud to exclusively carry Energy Star brands such as Andersen Windows and Marvin Windows. Visit Johnson Brothers’ showroom in Idaho Falls or Boise today for your home improvement inquiries as well as information on energy efficient windows for your home.