Open the door to new opportunities

Open the door to new opportunities

A TruStile painted exterior door from their new Resilient™ Wood Entry System collection, designed to be weather-proof and match every architectural style.

2023 is sure to bring its new challenges, but every challenge is a new door that opens to opportunities. Johnson Brothers is excited to be opening up your opportunity to experience an all-new exterior door product from their great partner who produces Marvin Windows. TruStile, a Marvin Company, wants to make sure your architectural custom doors are the highest quality they can be, with their new Resilient™ Wood Entry System collection. This collection of entryways, new for 2023, are made with the highest quality natural wood, and can fit any architectural style.

TruStile door detail

Vividly colored front exterior doors create great curbside appeal and TruStile’s Resilient™ Wood Entry System collection focuses on doors that are ready for a fresh coat of paint, to perfectly blend with your home’s style. The Resilient™ exterior doors are built with Accoya® for stability, and topped with Tricoya® for that perfect paintable finish. There’s no need to sacrifice durability for style, or vice-versa, with these new doors.

TruStile Exterior entryway

Johnson Brothers is excited to help transform your home’s design with the TruStile new option this year, that can be custom designed to match your home’s architectural style. With 500 standard exterior door styles available in the new collection, and custom options available, there’s a Resilient™ door for every home. The design customization is up to you, from creating the perfect entry system, down to the final details in the molding on the door itself. If that sounds daunting to you, don’t worry, TruStile has resources on their site to pick the perfect shape, glass, and finish for your home and architecture style.

TruStile Resilient™ Wood Entry System exterior doors will be available at your local Johnson Brother’s starting January 16th, 2023. Make the perfect entryway for your home!